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CUSTOMS. This term is usually applied to those taxes which are payable upon goods and merchandise imported or exported. Story, Const. Sec. 949; Bac. Ab. Smuggling.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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There was always a prophetic instinct, a low whisper in my ear, that within no long period, and whenever a new change of custom should be essential to my good, change would come.
They know how to spare when they see occasion; and when they strike, the axe may be sharp indeed, but its edge is seldom poisoned with ill-will; nor is it their custom ignominiously to kick the head which they have just struck off.
The life of the Custom -- House lies like a dream behind me.
It became quite a custom for the steward, as he finished his sixth bottle before turning in, to call upon Kwaque for his story.
The Custom House stood at a little distance down King Street, nearly where the Suffolk Bank now stands, and a sentinel was continually pacing before its front."
The day and night customs clearance operations will greatly facilitate the import and export at Torkham leading to significant reduction of transport charges and fast movement of trade.
ISLAMABAD -- In compliance with the directions of Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Pakistan Customs has deputed additional staff at Torkham border to facilitate trade and expedite clearance of baggage and cargo.
AN order by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) allowing non-Customs brokers to practice the profession has been described by the Chamber of Customs Brokers Inc.
The Azerbaijani State Customs Committee has commented on the information spread by several media outlets that the customs bodies raised the prices for some goods imported from China to Azerbaijan, which resulted in problems for the entrepreneurs of the Bina and Sadarak shopping centers.
ISLAMABAD -- In a major move, the government may abolish the concessional customs duty regime in the coming budget to generate over Rs100 billion in revenue, as it faces a gigantic task of imposing over Rs600 billion in new taxes to meet a condition set by the International Monetary Fund for a bailout package.
Director of Dubai Customs made an evening tour to the Customs Declaration Management and the Control Room of the Customs Intelligence Department.
Summary: Rafed is a service Dubai Customs launched in 2015

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