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You thought it was the runaway convict," observed the priest simply, "because you had read in the newspaper cutting that morning that a convict had run away.
Aye, I remember it all now; all, except your saving this relicI knew nothing of that till this momentbut the cutting the finger, and my recommending courtplaister, and saying I had none about me
Then she reached the three cutting swords, and got on her plough-wheel and rolled over them.
The Portuguese, who were more desirous of glory than wealth, did not encumber themselves with plunder, but with the utmost expedition pursued their enemies, in hopes of cutting them entirely off.
The poor beasts felt the strange spurs and added to their anguish by pressing their tails tight, so much so that, cutting a multitude of capers, they flung their masters to the ground.
It is a matter of regret that all those brothers in craft and feeling, whose generations have learned to walk a ship's deck in that nursery, have been also more than once fiercely engaged in cutting each other's throats there.
I am sure I almost broke my back by cutting it out.
But it is one thing, to abbreviate by contracting, another by cutting off .
After this they continued for some long time in a reverie, as they went on seizing the ears of corn, drawing out the straw, gathering it under their arms, and cutting off the ears with their bill-hooks, nothing sounding in the barn but the swish of the straw and the crunch of the hook.
Cutting, our charwoman, came yesterday--I don't mind mentioning her name, because I know she will not see this book.
Pierre stopped, being pressed against the side of the cutting in which the road ran.
I think there has not been so much on a cricket match since the day when Sir Horace Mann walked about Broad Ha'penny agitatedly cutting down the daisies with his stick.