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To meet the challenges, colleges and universities should produce cyber leaders and cyber managers,' said Brig Yasin, adding that a full
For more information about Cyber RiskScope, visit www.
Ultimately, companies will determine that they cannot rely on traditional insurance policies to protect their business, and when this occurs, companies are inclined to consider their options, including better risk management and security and the purchase of cyber insurance.
Many players describe the cyber cafes as social outlets that help them hone their game-playing reflexes and strategic thinking in a friendly atmosphere.
But David Wallis, a landlord who owns property next door to the cyber cafe, said that when the teens are done playing video games, then problems start.
In about three months, Cyber House will have two separate areas - one side primarily for computer use and dining, the other side for those who simply want to sit down to eat.
For more information on National Cyber Security Awareness month, please visit www.
With four years of dedication to cyber security, the chemical sector continues to share with other industries the vision of better securing our nation's virtual borders from ongoing threats," said David Kepler, chair of the ChemITC Executive Board and senior vice president Shared Services and Environment, Health and Safety, and Chief Information Officer at The Dow Chemical Company.
Clearly delineate and harden the roles of the various public-private entities working on cyber issues.
The Engage Trade Associations Team reaches out to chemical companies through non-ACC chemical sector trade associations to encourage adoption of cyber security practices.
Furthermore, we will also provide assistance to overseas start-up firms who locate their development operations at the Cyber Park," said Mr.
The Cyber Park will selectively invest in firms that expand the country's high technology knowledge base but also demonstrate long term financial success," said Mr.