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It releases tension,'' said Antonia Ledezma of Canoga Park, a regular at Cyber Gaming in Canoga Park.
What Wallis describes has reportedly been seen at some cyber cafes in the Los Angeles area.
Security Operations forecast 2014-2024 - Data Security forecast 2014-2024 - Endpoint Security forecast 2014-2024 - Identity and Access forecast 2014-2024 - Application Security forecast 2014-2024 - Cloud Security forecast 2014-2024 -- Understand the prospects for the leading national Cyber Security markets - where will the highest revenues and opportunities occur?
Photo: (1--color in SIMI edition only) Sydney Lanex uses a computer at the Cyber House while he shares a meal with Melodie Mingo and Brian Ames.
With four years of dedication to cyber security, the chemical sector continues to share with other industries the vision of better securing our nation's virtual borders from ongoing threats," said David Kepler, chair of the ChemITC Executive Board and senior vice president Shared Services and Environment, Health and Safety, and Chief Information Officer at The Dow Chemical Company.
Appoint an Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Cyber Security and Telecommunications to interact closely with the private sector.
With the ever-changing facets of cyber security, the Cyber Security Program provides valuable networking opportunities and resources to security professionals in the chemical industry," said Neil Hershfield, director of the Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program and a Dow Chemical Company employee.
The Cyber Park was established to provide the support and facilities required by firms in the high technology sectors off shoring their operations.
The Cyber Park is located in the center of a major campus that includes the Institute of Technology of the Americas, which provides certified training in several areas of technology training.