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And now, the Ka'bah itself has shrunk into insignificance beneath the Cyclopean Abraj al-Bait (aka the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, 1,972 feet tall), with its shopping mall, 900 private apartments, and a knock-off of Big Ben.
2 BIRMINGHAM'S GIANT ROBOT HEAD DEPARTMENT STORE If your dream is to have your entire body inhaled by a diamondencrusted cyclopean android head, then there's exactly one place on Earth where you can live out your fantasy: Birmingham.
After about 30 days, the rats started sweeping the sensors mounted to their heads, as if searching the environment with "a Cyclopean eye," Thomson said.
He/she chooses an object about 15 to 20 feet away and looks at it through the aperture, then alternates closing the eyes or slowly draws opening back to the head to determine which eye is viewing the object, that is the dominant eye The possible results include right ocular dominance, left ocular dominance and cyclopean eye (6).
At Wreay in Cumbria that extraordinary amateur architect, Sara Losh, built a mortuary chapel based on the 1835 excavation of the early sanctuary of St Piran in the Sands in (Celtic) Cornwall; next to her amazing village church, St Mary's, she built a mausoleum of cyclopean masonry which a family friend called 'druidical' and in front of which she raised a restored replica of the (Anglo-Saxon) Bewcastle Cross.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Using prisms and an advanced brain scanner, researchers found the point in the human brain -- very early in image processing in the visual cortex -- in which the transformation to a cyclopean view of the world takes place.
The problem of the actually existing Melanesian state as found in Buka is thus much less cyclopean insensitivity, or even its 'failure' to conform to ideals of bureaucratic domination or other Weberian dream-nightmares, than the striking ability of its networks to extend to and embrace social life, reproducing forms of social organisation that are deeply problematic for most villagers, but useful for some villagers.
In the memorable image of the "great bulging eye ogling" the germinating foetus of the future one can perhaps sense a surrealistic metaphor reminding one of Odilon Redon's (1840-1916) oneiric universe populated by Cyclopean eyes looking dreamily at each other and beyond, through time and space, into the unknown realms of eternity (the surreal).
New to his band is Aksel, a cyclopean hitman with one working eye and one replaced by a gun.
Through this cyclopean eye we travel through Venice in one work, London in another, as though on a roller-coaster ride, the vanishing point of our breathless scanning perpetually kicked down the road.
The steam engine, described as "the terror of steam and steel with its single eye, cyclopean, red" (42), is in fact the structural equivalent of the organic vitality of nature, which appears to be "a gigantic engine, a vast cyclopean power, huge, terrible, a leviathan with a heart of steel, knowing no compunction, no forgiveness, no tolerance, crushing out the human atom standing in its way with nirvanic calm" (406).
Here, unknown masons shaped heavy boulders--one stands 27 feet and weighs more than 300 tons--into mammoth cyclopean walls without the use of mortar.