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Accuracy of the smear technique in the cytological diagnosis of 650 lesions of the central nervous system.
All 70 nodules had a TIR3 cytological diagnosis, based on the SIAPEC 2007 classification: TIR1, nondiagnostic; TIR2, negative for malignant cells; TIR3, indeterminate (follicular lesion); TIR4, suspicious for malignancy; and TIR5, diagnostic of malignancy [24].
In this first study of its kind for HPV genotypes, we determined the frequency of premalignant and malignant samples of cervical cytology, along with their association with cytological diagnosis and risk factors of infection.
The most common causes of false-positive cytological diagnosis were atypical lobular hyperplasia, papilloma and spreading artifacts.
In order to compare effusion mesothelin concentration with cytological diagnosis, pathology reports for the most recent sample per individual (n = 1331) were reviewed and related to effusion mesothelin levels.
A cytological diagnosis of lipoma was given, thus not accurately diagnosed.
Laboratory data were extracted from the NHLS central database and included the variables patient age, cytological diagnosis, name of processing laboratory, and whether a specimen was a conventional or an LBC smear.
The cytological diagnosis depends on the anatomic site of presentation and the entities commonly found at these sites.
The positive predictive value was calculated based on the probability of the mammary lesion being malignant via histology when the cytology result was malignant whereas the negative predictive value was the probability that the lesion was histopathologically benign when the cytological diagnosis was benign.
A preoperative cytological diagnosis of a primary neoplasm may allow more rational planning of surgery.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of HPV infection in cervical lesions in a Venezuelan population, determined by HCA II, correlating it with its respective cytological diagnosis.