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CZAR. A title of honor which is assumed by the emperor of all the Russias. See Autocracy.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The bill would also allow the traffic crisis czar to enter into direct contracting, repeat order and direct negotiation and other alternative modes of procurement under the current law for priority projects.
'The czar is hereby authorized to exercise all powers granted to the President by virtue of this Act,' it further stated.
Was Czar Nicholas II an incompetent and aloof autocrat bent on preserving his own power?
So, the media created the shorter and exciting informal title of "anti-corruption czar".
Czar Capital, a part of the Czar Group, is the proprietary investment vehicle of the Kothari family.
In 1905 an able priest father Georgy Gabon organized society of industrial workers and led a giant procession and marched to Winter Palace through an appeal to Czar Nicholas II for relief to oppressed population.
According to her, the czar and imperial family were ordained to rule by God.
A century before that, in a bid to lift the spirits of his friend Pyotr Chaadayev, a philosopher who was declared mad for his criticism of Czar Nicholas I, the poet Alexander Pushkin predicted the advent of better times, when "Russia will start from her sleep." On "the ruins of autocracy," he wrote, "our names will be inscribed!"
Entirely reassured, the officer in the army of the czar strode once more into the salon of their Ladyships de Winter and shot them down point-blank.
Beard Czar is something that is useful for every man who wants to look somehow different from others by beating the competition.