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CZARINA. The title of the empress of Russia.

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There's some good news for Microsoft as the recently launched Surface tablet has drawn a "Wowser," from the celebrity talk show Czarina - Oprah Winfrey.
Alice Blohm, Rosalyn Pearson, Czarina Wong, Elen Stahl and Laura Dryburgh researched a number of possible solutions before settling on the idea of generating electricity using a renewable resource.
Climate czarina Carol Browner, who appears at the President's side for all manner of critical announcements, was appointed as a senior adviser, thereby circumventing the normal process of Senate confirmation.
This would not mean ruling out a deserving American candidate such as Hillary Clinton, but it would also mean looking carefully at others, such as former Presidents Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil and Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico; Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the economics czarina in Nigeria; Mo Ibrahim, an exemplar of African business success; Nandan Nilekani, the Indian software mogul-turned-development-official; and Andrew Sheng of Malaysia, a distinguished former financial regulator.
DANCE HISTORIAN CAROL BISH0P-GWYN HAS selected a fascinating personality to write about in her choice of the classical dance czarina Celia Franca, whose ruthless dedication led to the creation of one of Canada's most esteemed arts companies, The National Ballet of Canada.
First, although Czarina made explicit references to both Sphere Drake and Kahn Lucas, it avoided any attempt to decide between the two interpretations of the signature requirement.
Faberge exhibited his work at a fair in Moscow where Czar Alexander III and his wife, Czarina Maria, saw Faberge's skill in enamel work.
It contains sonetos and other poems, canciones (songs), and notes, written for her by family, friends, and acquaintances in Spanish, English, and German, as well as sketches, pressed ferns and flowers, cards, stickers, and, sadly, an obituary for Czarina Celsa, the Medinas's daughter.
Whether you are a jet-setting corporate czarina or a modest BPO executive, you will empathise with Rapunzel, who is hassled about an impromptu office shindig.
Trixie: I'm only interested in titles that bestow tangible privileges, such as Countess, Czarina, or Former-Governor-of-Alaska.
In the Superiority of Stables, the objects including ceremonial harnesses for the horses, the things for the usage of czars in their private and common lives that produced by the masters which worked in the workshops of gold and silver and coverings and clothing sewn and ornamented with pearls and silver threads for both the religious and casual usage by the master tailors and embroiderers most of them are the daughters of noble Russian families under in custody of the czarina in the Chamber of Czarina also takes their places there.