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CZAR. A title of honor which is assumed by the emperor of all the Russias. See Autocracy.

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Several years later, the furor over czars in the Obama White House has largely subsided, but the czar phenomenon itself remains cloaked in misunderstanding.
Porthman reveals that the czars spoke of society as a web of personal relationships and emphasised values related to the in-group and its wellbeing.
In other words, they are primarily interested in the extent to which czars are compatible with the traditional notions of republicanism, or rule by the people, as well as the system of checks and balances that give Congress oversight of many executive activities.
After the Czars and Commissars: Journalism in Authoritarian Post-Soviet Central Asia" looks at the development of the press in these nations as they adapt to a more free version of the press, and their handling of many major issues throughout the region, the effects of international press, libel, and much more.
Approximately one hundred objects that handle the czars with their different courses including the head of state, army commander, palace ceremonies, private lives and religious sides will display in the exhibition.
Senator Raza Rabbani further underlined that it seemed that real rulers of the country were bureaucrats as authorities and influences of these civil officials were more stronger even than Russian Czars adding that ordinance regarding restoration of terminated employees have not yet been implemented owing to the influence of these white-collar Czars and termed bureaucracy as biggest hurdle for implementation on government policies.
With nearly two dozen new czars, President Obama has set a new record for cooks in a Kitchen Cabinet.
With czars for bank bailouts, the auto industry, the environment, border security, cyberspace and several more areas, it is fair to ask whether Mr.
In contrast to this approach to supply chain integration, some companies established supply chain czars who managed organizations cobbled together from various supply-side functions.
For most of its history, it has been ruled with an iron fist by princes and conquerors, czars, and Soviet dictators.