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CZAR. A title of honor which is assumed by the emperor of all the Russias. See Autocracy.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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With czars for bank bailouts, the auto industry, the environment, border security, cyberspace and several more areas, it is fair to ask whether Mr.
I discuss whether large integrated supply chain organizations run by "czars" are needed for supply chain management (SCM) to be successful in the future.
The so-called "war czar", Lute joined a cast of "czars" proliferating at all levels of government: Katrina-relief czars, intelligence czars, health care czars, energy czars, AIDS czars and economic czars.
The Russians are trying to fulfill their czars' longtime dream of controlling Constantinople.
For most of its history, it has been ruled with an iron fist by princes and conquerors, czars, and Soviet dictators.
The Czars have really hit their stride with third album Goodbye
Well, once upon a time there were nasty people called czars. One was so nasty they called him Ivan the Terrible.
Orthodoxy was the established religion of Russia under the czars, but the country became officially atheistic during the Soviet era.
Episode I, The Phantom Menace, if you're not and Episode II, The Attack of the Clowns if you think czars are a bad idea full stop.
Drugs czars, crime czars, it seems there's a czar for everything other than the throne of Russia to sometimes minimal effect.
Its dancers, choreographers, and even ballet students had always been given special status and rewards by the czars. Now, at the turn of the century, that secluded ballet world was stirring with a longing to be innovative, to be recognized, to make a connection with the wider art world in Russia and beyond.