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The Australian TV industry has come to support the new DAB+ standard.
DAB+ receivers are readily available, as DAB+ has been rolled out in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
The system Factum delivers to Digi B Network is IP-based and includes advanced DAB+ audio and data services.
Our new IP-based DAB+ systems have been well received in the market and we are pleased to participate in the roll out of DAB+ in Malta.
Australian broadcasters have also announced that they will adopt the new DAB+ standard for the planned roll-out of digital radio.
DAB+ is an enhancement of the Eureka 147 platform using advanced audio codec (AAC+) and was officially approved by the international standards body ETSI in February 2007.
The DAB+ standard, published by ETSI (TS 102 563) in February 2007, is the latest audio codec standard developed by WorldDMB.