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The DAT WideLog unit body is made of stainless steel and of aluminium, assuring resistance to even the worst weather conditions, including conditions normally catastrophic to traditional data loggers such as extremely high or low temperatures, sand and water.
Association between DAT positivity and anaemia was assessed using chi-square test and p value was 0.
The DAT is a method used to detect immunoglobulin or complement bound in vivo to RBCs, using anti-human reagents.
GfK s RegioGraph software supports DAT customers in identifying regional potential in the market.
A maior demanda ocorreu no periodo de 45 a 60 DAT (Estadio de Bulbificacao), com taxas medias de acumulo respectivamente para "IPA 11" e "Texas Grano 502" de 8,46 e 13,65 mg [planta.
Egg and nymph densities at 14 DAT were significantly higher than densities in earlier exposures for cyazypyr, pyrifluquinazon and sulfoxaflor in one trial each.
Nearly half (48%) of those with the lowest DAT density reported fewer than one bowel movement per day, compared with 21% of the normal-level group.
As with other fad treatments, DAT inundates popular media with testimonials, often involving the hope of a remedy for a child's illness.
DAT has also given rise to a variety of Internet-based services that contract with local clinical laboratories in various states to perform patient-ordered tests alongside traditional physician-ordered lab services.
Five DATs cover 7 of the project's 13 design sections: Dravosburg DAT (one design section), Turtle Creek DAT (one design section), Braddock/Rankin/Swissvale DAT (two sections), Nine Mile Run DAT (one section), and Glenwood to Bates Street DAT (two sections).
Practically, you would not want to bring a panic because of this, but there are implications to a positive DAT," she said, urging additional studies to confirm the finding and determine whether DAT testing could help detect early cancers in healthy people.