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Other key findings and projections from THE STATE OF DBS (8TH EDITION) include:
Which of the companies developing DBS devices is best positioned to succeed in these new markets?
Warren Olanow, professor of neuroscience and chairman of the Department of Neurology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and former president of the Movement Disorder Society: "This study provides further evidence supporting the use of DBS as a therapy for advanced Parkinson's disease patients whose motor symptoms cannot be satisfactorily controlled with medication.
Our R&D centres across the Asia Pacific are able to provide relentless technical support for DBS Bank (Hong Kong)," he said.
These encouraging results will likely lead to further use of DBS in patients with both OCD and depression," added Dr.
The published results of the study demonstrated the remarkable power of DBS to improve patients whose motor symptoms could not otherwise be controlled with medication," said Dr.
This agreement with DBS reinforces First Data's presence in Asia.
The benefits of this programming to the American public should not be constrained when a viable solution -- DBS spacecraft operating at reduced spacing -- is within our reach.
DBS Bank was the first bank in Singapore to offer Internet Banking services as early as 1997.
The company's announcement addresses a key over-hang of the credit and provides insight into the company's vision for its DBS investment.
The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association commissioned Taylor Research to conduct the survey with several goals in mind: to assess the present DBS-cable competitive environment; understand what drives DBS subscription; gauge DBS customer satisfaction; evaluate DBS subscriber programming needs and interests; and, to weigh interest in new technologies, like DVR, VOD, satellite radio, and HDTV.