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DHA in fish oil and krill oil comes from algae oil in the food chain.
DHA holds a distinguished position with regards to the provision of services to its residents.
DHA Nursery Phase VII got first in category of Nurseries and DHA Gizri Hill was first in beautification of Roundabouts.
Al Qutami said, "The DHA decided to use AI for X-ray imaging across medical fitness centres because of the scale of the service and the fact that it will greatly enhance work efficiency and will lead to optimum utilisation of manpower.
The audit official said the DHA did not provide even a single plot to the ATPB so far, which caused a loss of Rs 1.
Humaid Al Qutami, chairman and director-general of DHA, said: "This project will help provide patients across DHA health facilities with an electronic file and easy access to their health information.
A total of 38,042 patients were admitted to DHA hospitals in the first 6 months of 2017, out of which 14,962 were admitted to Dubai Hospital, 13,560 were admitted in Latifa hospital, 7,914 were admitted in Rashid Hospital and 1,606 were admitted to Hatta Hospital.
The delegation thanked DHA and DCK management for their support, cooperation and provision of relevant technical and planning information about the project site and said SKMT Cancer Hospital coming up in DCK would be a nucleus for provision of contemporary and most advanced cancer treatment facilities in Pakistan.
DHA Natur is a highly-concentrated, non-genetically modified, vegetable source of DHA.
The company has also reformulated its Mother's DHA supplement, providing five times more DHA.
He said that there are over half a dozen scam in DHA Islamabad including DHA Valley, Phase II Extension, construction of Expressway, development of Sector F and DHA Villas.
Every day, the DHA BBM Channel will bring the most important DHA related news and events to BBM users across BlackBerry, Android and iPhone smartphones in real time.