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The printers have a standard DIN connector for a 24-volt power supply.
Patent Numbers 5,800,207, 5,851,125 and 5,643,008) and a DIN connector with an improved grounding device (U.
In addition to featuring a compact design and neutral color so they blend in with their surroundings, both products are available in three versions - N connector, DIN connector and 500mm pigtail with N connector, providing installation flexibility.
This half size adapter board also offers UART, Interrupt control, dual DMA channels and 96-pin expansion DIN connector for easy customer prototyping and debug.
This Bluetooth enabled dongle uses the proprietary Apple DIN connector that attaches directly to the iPod, allowing audio from the iPod to be processed with SRS WOW HD audio enhancement before being transmitted via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled headset or speaker accessory.
Additionally the Bytelan has keyboard connectors for both types of keyboards on the market today: The 5-pin DIN connector used on PC and AT keyboards, the 6-pin Mini-DIN connector used on PS/2 keyboards.
A 9- pin circular DIN connector is used to attach an external audio unit such as an iPod(R) to the player.