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Figure 3(b) shows the logic symbol of the KSD-42H DIP switch, whose structure includes four switches toggling between the ON and OFF states.
A dip switch is added for external adjustment of decimal point, for the LCD readout.
C&K Components (Newton, MA) has expanded its surfacemount DIP switch series to include an ultra-miniature 1-position version.
Although the DSCs feature hallmark JUMPFLEX traits, including 6-mm housing, they do not employ an on-unit DIP switch for signal conversion.
When power is restored, the unit loads previous position and mode of operation checking DIP switch setting and remote port to determine the correct startup configuration.
A DIP switch on each unit allows the following selection of control inputs: 1-135 ohms, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V.
Units may be designated as master or slave via a dip switch or through a network.
E-Switch announced the RDT Series rotary DIP switch.