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These benefits qualify TEGO Dispers 678 as an excellent general use dispersant.
Dispers 681 UV facilitates the dispersion of critical organic pigments such as organic yellow and red pigments used in printing inks.
TEGO Dispers 755 W is a high performance wetting and dispersing additive for waterborne wood, automotive and industrial coatings as well as for printing ink formulations.
Tego Dispers 685 is a high performance dispersing and wetting agent designed for organic and carbon black pigments in radiation curing and solvent-based systems.
Se analizaron las frecuencias de longitudes mediante estadisticos descriptivos de posicion (longitud promedio, moda) y disper sion (desviacion estandar y coeficiente de variacion).
Yungue said the policemen did not heed the order of Chancellor Rommel Espinosa, relayed through school guards, to leave the campus after the dispered students reported their presence to school officials.
Una vez convertidos los datos de ruido sismico ambiental en formato .SEGY se utilizaron dos programas especializados de la casa Optim Software, el SeisOpt [R] (Louie, 2001) para importar y preprocesar los datos, asi como para la definicion de la curva de dispersion, la cual es utilizada en el Disper [R] para la inversion de las velocidades de fase a velocidades de ondas de corte y la obtencion de los modelos 1D.
You can try a dispered alarm unit before you buywith our six week free trial offer.
The light mineral oil suspends finely ground lithium hydride and the disper sant keeps the particles from settling out of the suspension.
Metcalf (1982) presents evidence that confirms that, consequently, pay disper sion was lower among union members than among their non-union counterparts in the late 1970s.
The mean disper sion velocity of about 5 [mu]m/min is unaffected by [[Ca.sup.++]] (P = 0.67).
In ductile iron, the graphite forms as individual spheres, or nodules, dispered throughout the matrix.