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The Bereiter-Englemann model and DISTAR methodology has produced its own family of spin-off programs.
It attributed the sudden uptick in WesleyAEs scores to the use of DISTAR.
In 1980, just three years after the schoolAEs third graders were first taught using DISTAR, 85 percent passed the reading comprehension portion of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS), up from 18 percent in 1977.
Children of more affluent parents tend to have attended preschools or private school kindergarten programs that reflect the philosophy of child development advocates, closer to the ideas of Froebel than to the philosophy of DISTAR or other structured early-learning programs.
Whereas all category-trained (CT) preschoolers were proficient at giving an ordered account of complete, precise, and diverse statements both to practiced objects and non-practiced objects, comparison preschoolers attending the same DISTAR Language classes, but not taught statements, were much less productive in category and descriptor usage.
A number of learning approaches were used, the principal one being DISTAR (Direct Instructional Systems for Teaching Arithmetic and Reading), a highly structured learning program that places great emphasis on repetition and positive reinforcement.
Research on Direct Instruction: 25 years beyond DISTAR, Seattle, WA: Educational Achievement Systems.
Note that the number of distars in D with centers in M is n(n - 1)|(k + l) and so is the number of distars in D with centers in N.