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pp, 103 MeV, obtained from the DISTO experiment, (13) is about a factor of 2 larger than the original few-body predictions taking into account the NN repulsion appropriately, 53 MeV, (2) 55-70 MeV, (37) 76 MeV, (39) and 51.
2001) New results from DISTO for spin observables in exclusive hyperon production.
The medium measured value is h = 5912 mm and all the data lies within the interval of declared accuracy of LDM Leica DISTO [TM] A4 (+/- 1.
Leica DISTO sketch simplifies a job, irrespective of whether a layout is to be measured up, or a detail like a window is to be dimensioned.
Leica DISTO transfer signifies that users can now take a sequence of measurements and quickly and efficiently arrange them into an Excel document ready for presentation.
With PowerCAD SiteMaster and a DISTO Plus wireless laser, anyone can now create professional, AutoCAD-compatible floor plans, area estimates and inspection drawings 'at the speed of light', improving field-to-finish productivity by up to 1,000% over the way they did things before.
AIA 2005 convention attendees can view a live demonstration of PowerCAD SiteMaster 2 at the Leica DISTO booth # 5056 during exhibit hours on Thursday May 19 through Saturday May 21, 2005.
By connecting the Pocket PC and the DISTO via a serial cable, distance measurements can be instantaneously captured in PocketCAD.
The DISTO add-in is just one of the newest custom applications designed for PocketCAD PRO 4.
DISTO is the world's first hand-held laser distance meter and offers users the convenience of simple, point-and-shoot operation.
SketchRight allows users to simply "sketch" a room or floor plan -- then SketchRight's intelligent algorithms 'recognize' the sketch plus DISTO data and automatically convert it to a CAD-quality, scaled drawing.