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The DMZ came into existence after the Korean War ended in an armistice in 1953.
The audience interested in the interaction between humans and mythological figures would be fascinated by the festive aura the spirits create in The Tempest, and Oh's My Love DMZ is quite Shakespearean in this sense.
Son's team approves the manifests, giving the official green light for movements across the DMZ.
On Wednesday, Gates will be joined by Clinton for the DMZ visit and high-profile security talks with their South Korean colleagues - a meeting meant to underscore Washington's firm alliance with Seoul as the two nations plan military exercises in a message of deterrence to North Korea.
Yonhap said the government specifically wants to build an international peace park within the DMZ and lure the United Nations to build its peace conference center and a U.
The DMZ doc is expected to be ready early next year.
I also have trouble believing that Matthew would survive: the DMZ is portrayed as an interesting series of neighborhoods, but it's still a war-zone.
a leader in network- access, connectivity, and VoIP solutions, has unveiled their very-low-cost, three-port, managed-VPN router that streamlines DMZ implementation and secure-firewall configuration for enterprise networks.
DFL-200: suitable for SME branch offices with up to 40 users, featuring one WAN port, I dedicated DMZ port, 4 LAN ports, and 80 IPSec VPN tunnels.
Korea's DMZ is the sacred resting place of soldiers and other war victims.
Reportedly, he disappeared in January 1965 while on patrol in the DMZ after claiming he wanted to investigate a noise.