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Political opportunism then took over and the Turkish side began to insist that as a Turk on Turk crime the trial of the suspects had to take place in the TRNC in front of Turkish Cypriot judges -- which is absurd if you think about it because this was a case of a murder committed in the Greek Cypriot-run Republic of Cyprus in which there was compelling DNA evidence linking the accused to the victims.
Since the introduction of DNA evidence, DNA testing has become so firmly rooted in the popular culture that it regularly appears in television shows and movies.
(9) Part II discusses the factual and legal background of DNA evidence, including its historical development, technical underpinnings, and weaknesses.
Anti-counterfeiting technology company Applied DNA Sciences Inc (OTCBB:APDN) said on Tuesday that its SigNature DNA evidence marking product is being used across Europe.
There is a benevolent outcome of the DNA evidence revolution: It yielded an exoneration movement to identify and overturn wrongful convictions.
DISAPPOINTED But Duffy, of Lurgan, County Armagh, was cleared despite DNA evidence found on a glove linking him to the car.
High Court Judge Mohamad Zabidin Diah said his decision was founded on concerns that the DNA evidence was tainted.
(12) DNA evidence is routinely collected from crime scenes nationwide and is largely regarded as the most probative evidence available.
We are clear, however, that they could perfectly logically consider that the DNA evidence strongly pointed to the guilt of the appellants."
So far no DNA evidence has been shown to the defence, who claim that the case is beginning to fall apart.
Robert Graham Sean Hodgson, known as Sean, had his 1982 conviction for the brutal murder of barmaid Teresa De Simone quashed in March 2009 after DNA evidence emerged to disprove the case.
The defence maintains that the DNA evidence was inconclusive and has also argued it may have been contaminated when analysed.