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SPF authenticates e-mail by comparing the IP address of the e-mail server that sent the message, against a list of approved IP addresses published in the DNS record of the sender in the "From:" address.
Sender Policy Framework controversially takes advantage of a DNS record type, the TXT record.
Full support for managing IP address and DNS records across overlapping and non-overlapping networks in multi-tenant environments the most requested feature of VMware enterprise customers.
Automated tracking of IP addresses and DNS records eliminates IP address conflicts and DNS data entry errors significantly reducing the risk of downtime.
Co-founder Biz Stone said on a blog, "As we tweeted a bit ago, Twitter's DNS records were temporarily compromised tonight but have now been fixed.
It dynamically updates DNS records from up to nine additional back-up IP addresses so that domain names can always point to a functional server.
lt;p>"Twitter's DNS records were temporarily compromised but have now been fixed.
We gain all the advantages of a managed service while retaining granular control over our DNS records," said Ron Rivet, Network Operations Manager, Amica.
Utilizing the UltraDNS advanced management portal, Knight Ridder Digital can seamlessly modify DNS records and have the changes propagated globally in near real-time.
Centralized DNS Management: Control DNS records of all customers' domains from a single point.
lt;p>The company's IT department will change DNS records today on its internal network so all its identity federations are handled through its Geneva server environment rather than the current five Active Directory Federation Servers (ADFS) the company runs, according to Brian Puhl, a technology architect for Microsoft IT.