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Already today, F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux Workstations, Servers and Gateways provide protection against all types of Linux viruses, Windows viruses, DOS file viruses and macro viruses and other hostile code.
A composicao dos files (Tabela 5) nao diferiu significativamente entre os tratamentos, exceto os teores de cinzas, que foram maiores nas dietas FCS e FCG.
0 seconds Note: MS DOS files (HIS & DAT) are actual records
3] This protocol is incorporated into Samba and other open source tools to allow other operating systems, such as UNIX, to access Windows and DOS files.
The setup program copies the user's current DOS files to a backup directory during the installation process.
Such files could convey information much more effectively than ASCII or DOS files.
Improved support for Microsoft Visual C++ -- WinHelp documentation support -- Transparent text file format compatibility for Macintosh, UNIX, Windows, and DOS files -- Keyboard configuration for emulation of other programming editors such as Brief, Epsilon, and Macintosh