Director of Public Prosecutions

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Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)

an officer who works under the Attorney General and who is responsible for the prosecution of all serious crime. Sometimes only the consent of the DPP is required. The office is particularly important as it heads up the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE, which prosecutes most crimes in England.
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NBR member (VAT policy) M Rezaul Hasan told the meeting that for constructing own buildings for Customs and VAT, directives had been given to the project director to start the development project proposal (DPP).
Fitch applied a stress multiple of 5.0x at the 'AAAsf' stress level, reflecting the view that customer payment behavior on the DPPs could be negatively affected by a Verizon insolvency, as well as the potential for performance degradation during the revolving period.
They cannot legally consent to something as mundane as a loan, but according to the DPPS, they should be held legally responsible for their addictions.
The IPCE was improved in the range of 400~750 nm by adding DPPS to the perovskite layer, leading to the increase of [J.sub.SC] values, as shown in Figure 2.
(iii) Last but not least, the experimental results show that DPPS has advantages of data transmission in WSNs over CA.
Similarly, a dressed-photon-phonon (DPP) is a quasi-particle created when a DP couples with a phonon in a nanometric region.
A larger DPPS means that those with high anxiety scores perceive threats as closer than non-anxious individuals when the stimulus is the same distance away.
The DPPS strategies provide exposure to a Mena equity basket with a variable participation factor that adjusts to market conditions.
There are fears that unionists could resign from DPPs where there has been trouble such as Newtownabby, Ballymena and Larne.
A new name, flag and badge; Special Branch being dismantled; 2,000 jobs for Catholics in the PSNI over the next two years; Orde in and Flanagan out; the Police Ombudsman vindicated over her Omagh Report; hundreds joining the DPPs to drive forward change in local neighbourhoods; 50:50 recruitment.
"The new post-holders will, in effect, be local DPPs," he said.