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Taking the sum of all of the DRG relative weights and dividing by the total number of Medicare inpatient cases for that time frame determines the case mix index.
So maximizing DRG relative weight assignments is important in improving a hospital's overall payment.
Since the PPS pays a fixed amount for each inpatient case based on the DRG relative weight and the hospital base rare, there are several keys to improving hospital revenues.
It is important to remember that DRG rates were originally set on the basis of fully allocated total costs.
Whether or not this is true, and whether or not the contributions, if positive, are sufficient to cover fully all fixed and allocated costs, achieving a higher DRG rate without a commensurate increase in variable costs is always desirable.
The Micro-Dyn DRG Control is licensed to system vendors and other entities on usage basis.
founded in 1989, develops and markets DRG and APG Groupers, ICD9 and CPT Encoding products, and ActiveX DRG components for hospital medical records, insurers, managed care organizations, health system vendors and other health-related organizations.
These services, designed to enhance the accuracy and consistency of DRG assignment, include:
Chart coding outsourcing on-line or off-line with ONLINE DRG.
ONLINE DRG includes the hardware, software and services necessary to re-engineer the coding process for each hospital and the central coding site.
ONLINE DRG is just one member of Lanier Healthcare's HealthFrame(TM) family of systems and services which include: HealthFrame CPR, HealthFrame ES Document Imaging, HealthFrame Ambulatory Care System, HealthFrame Integrated Network Tools, HealthFrame Strategic Planning and Network Services, ONLINE Document Imaging ONLINE DRG, VoiceWriter(R) OS, and MedWord(R) for Windows(R).