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If (+dsml + dX2 - [DELTA]saf >0) then Xl_dgap_p = dsml + dX2 - [DELTA]saf else Xl_dgap_p=0 (15)
Next step is to analyze the effectiveness of this safety mechanism and find regions where we cannot guarantee a detection of a deviation larger than the safety requirement limit [DELTA]saf considering the safety-mechanism limit dsml and the shift due to measurement tolerance dX.
Xl_agap_p = d_lim _n + [DELTA]X1 + [DELTA]saf = dsml + dX2 + [DELTA]saf (24)
Xl_agap_n = dsaf - [DELTA]X1 - d_lim_p = dsml - dX2 - [DELTA]saf (25)
The availability of tools that facilitate the design and implementation of DSMLs is another important factor for the acceptance and adoption of MDE.
An industrial standard to describe DSMLs is the Meta-Object Facility (MOF) [24] provided by the Object Management Group (OMG).
By combining code generation techniques with DSMLs, it is possible to separate domain concerns from implementation details.
DSMLs are usually specified by metamodels that are defined as instances of a general purpose modelling language.