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The DP570MH mobile receiver is also the industry's first portable, battery-operated mobile DTV in the United States that is designed to receive new rugged over-the-air signals being transmitted by local broadcasters as well as display closed captioning information for viewers who rely on text for the full enjoyment of TV programs.
With Michigan State-Nevada jumping in from Seattle on DTV 739, we're back to four on the floor again.
It established the year 2006 as a nominal deadline for the shift, assuming that the general public would see the value of DTV and buy new television sets, with digital tuners, to take advantage of these features.
Note the last requirement: All devices that connect to a television and have the capability to receive broadcast signals must also include a DTV tuner.
Ademas de la iniciativa DTV, la empresa patrocina y administra fondos para inversionistas institucionales y para personas muy acaudaladas que invierten en titulos privados latinoamericanos (incluyendo fondos de servicios financieros especializados), transacciones financieras intermedias en mercados globales en desarrollo y titulos de renta fija de gran rendimiento.
market, a move designed to help electronics companies test their receiver implementations to properly receive, decode, and display Mobile DTV broadcast signals.
The Mobile Digital Television comes equipped with two earphone jacks so that more than one passenger can enjoy Mobile DTV shows or movies in the back seat of the car, or on a train.
I don't think `Friends' will drive the move to DTV, but wide-screen National Football League games will,'' Adams said.
In China, development of terrestrial DTV benefits from substantial growth of demand for mobile DTV stimulated by increase in transportation vehicles such as bus and subway.
3 Analysis of Manufactures in CA Market, DTV Industry
In addition to Cable DTV, Terrestrial DTV, Satellite DTV and IPTV have also been developing rapidly.
Featuring an automatic power saving mode to maximize battery life for DTV viewing on the go, the new chip provides the mobile/handheld demodulating and equalization functions, and outputs IP packet streams to enable audio/video decoding in the receivers compatible with the emerging ATSC Mobile DTV Standard.