DUI and warrant for arrest

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Country: United States of America
State: Michigan

Hello, I am a 25yr. old male . I currently have a warrant out for my arrest. The warrant is for writing a check on a closed account. I am already on probation for a D.U.I., but I don't regularly meet with my probation officer because I am in a residential drug/alcohol treatment program. I entered the program on my own volition. My probation officer notified me of the warrant, saying that I needed to take care of it. I would like to resolve this issue but I am afraid to turn myself in because I don't want to go to jail. The following are some concerns of mine. 1. Is there any way to resolve this issue without going to jail? 2. I didn't know my account had closed, does this matter? 3. I was a practicing alcoholic when I wrote the check. Through rehab and volunteer work I'm renewing myself (I think) as a respectable citizen. Will this have any weight in my judgment ? 4. I would like to pay restitution for the check, however I cannot do this immediately because I haven't worked in the past six months due to my stay at the rehabilitation facility. Is there any way I can explain this to \"soften the blow\" I receive? The check is already 9 months old.


You can argue you did not know and the check was an accident; if you make plans to resolve it, they will often not take any further action. It will help to have a letter or witness as to your current rehabilitation efforts...
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