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DEVOIR. Duty. It is used in the statute of 2 Ric. II., c. 3, in the sense of duties or customs.

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With a known stimulus and multiple receivers, the VNA can accurately measure the complex impedance and transmission characteristics of a DUT.
Third, different DUTs result indifferent probe impedances, raising difficulties for analysis; there are fewer effects on the impedance of a CPW feed-line when the medium or the dielectric constant is different [23], and potentially less error when the DUT or the medium between the loop and feed-line is different.
The physical meaning of (7) is following: the DUT model is built with series and parallel connected networks.
3DUT] are the powers measured at port 2 using the DUT and that at port 3 using a monitoring sensor, respectively,
The fundamental system RC time constant is determined by device impedance (R) and cable capacitance (C), and the AC stimulus cannot be applied to the DUT at a frequency faster than this time constant.
It is important to simulate the extracted DUT model and ensure correlation between simulation and measurement data.
DUT noise amplification is an obvious choice to bring it several decibels above the instrument noise floor.
If Zin on the DUT is large (typical of a logic gate input), the current Idrv will be small, and little voltage will develop across Ldrv due to ground bounce.
When the DUT is under heavy load conditions, a random set of events can be generated.
We can assess the contributions to the relative combined standard uncertainty of the DUT responsivity by evaluating the uncertainties of the quantities given in Eq.
The R&S NRPM OTA power measurement solution from Rohde & Schwarz now allows users to measure and calibrate the output power of a DUT as well as test its beamforming function ?
In applications like nanotechnology and semiconductor research, the generated current may exceed the current to be measured from the DUT.