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DEVOIR. Duty. It is used in the statute of 2 Ric. II., c. 3, in the sense of duties or customs.

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Once the LSPs are set up, large volumes of data are sent to determine if the DUT handles this data correctly.
15) However, one notable difference between them is that TDRs transmit a very fast step edge voltage signal to the DUT, and measures response (comparing incident and reflected waveforms) as a function of time.
A second measurement was performed using an InGaAs photodiode as DUT and measuring the spectral transmittance of a NIR laser mirror which has very high transmittance ([approximate]80%) in the NIR except for a very low-transmittance ([less than]0.
In addition to the DUT power requirements, the need for high throughput, high accuracy PLL jitter measurements in production has emerged.
The European Commissariat of Higher Education observes the present situation and if the accusations are proven right, this shall cause negative effects on the University and the recognition of diplomas" says Baumann and advises the Government to be transparent in connection to the DUT incursion.
Sample source code for the DUT agent software (1) and the control agent software (2) are provided free-of-charge by the Wi-Fi Alliance to its members.
Compatibility with other X-Series testers, including the ability to run the exact same test programs, utilize identical instrument cards and reuse existing DUT boards
11n, where the ability to test algorithms and products against complex channel models is important to measure and validate the DUT with real-world effects such as multipath, fading and cross-channel correlation.
Enhanced Power Source VI (HCOVI) - The HCOVI is a general purpose DC instrument, providing main DUT power for RF wireless, DSP and communication devices.
La firm phase: data collection for studies course and the employability of graduates DUT, professional bachelor, master, engineering school UVSQ 30 months after obtaining their conditional diplomeTranche 1
Protecting the DUT area while assembling a test board is a challenge (FIGURE 3).
Checking that the DUT's outputs corresponding to inputs stimuli are in concordance with the specifications of the DUT