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The DUX Dental magnetic bur blocks are available in three styles:
DUX Dental Tray Products DUX Dental provides a full line of organization trays to achieve a convenient and clean setup in the office.
Used with robotic applicators or reciprocators, this version of the DUX gun is mounted directly to automated spray equipment.
Each DUX Xleep pillow is created with an exclusive Morpheus Spring [R] Module, which contains springs surrounded by an air reservoir.
As the illustration indicates, almost no turbulence is created inside the DUX gun.
DUX Dental currently supports the coalition's operational costs yet all advisory board members volunteer their time.
In addition to the DUX and Everett Stunz adjustable beds and mattresses, Everett Stunz offers every imaginable bed and bath accoutrement, including bed linens, down comforters, bath towels and robes.
DUX is the global leader in research and production of efficient, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly industrial spray equipment.
Although the number of cervical cancer cases have gone down in recent decades, still many demographic groups in the United States are not receiving the screening and care they need to detect this disease," says Paul Porteous, chief executive officer of DUX Dental.
Representing the DUX products fits perfectly with that commitment.
Having secured early success with a direct sales force, DUX was in a perfect position to expand through distribution.
DUX of Sweden is introducing its newest model DUX 8888, the only innerspring mattress in the world that provides adjustable lumbar support to improve sleep quality.