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PENNYWEIGHT. A troy weight which weighs twenty-four grains, or one-twentieth part of an ounce. Vide Weights.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Annual TEU###Current (2018): Total capacity of 30 million (tonnes) of cargo per year###Phase III (Proposed): 400,000+ (DWT) Chinamax (Valemax) vessels, and TI-class supertanker
The DWT was asked by the claimant shipowner to either constitute a limitation fund in the UAE, by deposit of a P&I Club letter of undertaking, pursuant to the LLMC 1976, or to make a declaration that a limitation fund for the maritime claims brought against it could be established.
DWT handles time-frequency analysis for discrete signals.
Two-dimensional (2D) double-density dual-tree DWT includes 2D real double-density dual-tree DWT and 2D complex double-density dual-tree DWT.
The Stationary wavelet transform (SWT) is a wavelet transform algorithm designed to overcome the lack of translation-invariance of the discrete wavelet transform (DWT).
Before carrying out the experiments, our main idea was this: what if one embeds an approximation of watermark singular values as a function of the cover DWT singular values rather than directly using the initial (original) ones?
The Mexican hat wavelet basis function is used to design the DWT dictionary for sparse representation.
The port of Gabes has a terminal for crude, oil products and LPG serving tankers of up to 50,000 dwt. It has a quay for un-loading caustic soda and fuels, and facilities for loading chemicals and fertilisers produced at a near-by plant.
Deliveries continue to outpace strong demolitions, which reached their second highest level for five years with over 11 million dwt demolished.
With this addition, the Company's fleet now consists of 42 vessels with a total DWT of about 6.8 Million.
Built in South Korea in 2009, at 46,000 DWT the Vessel has a Crude Oil capacity of 331,000 barrels.
NCC Najem has a DWT of 45,000 tons with DNV classification and full IMO 2 notations and cargo capacity of 53,200 cubic meters comprising 22 Zink/Epoxy coated cargo tanks with 20 full segregations, a statement said.