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PENNYWEIGHT. A troy weight which weighs twenty-four grains, or one-twentieth part of an ounce. Vide Weights.

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Combine the selected DCT features and the DWT features together, so that the combined feature vector has 48 features for each image.
The combined process of DCT and DWT features is shown in Fig.
Indonesia, therefore, needs to invest heavily in shipbuilding industry to build shipyards with a capacity to build ships measuring up to 300,000 DWT
DWT received the 2005 and 2006 Flying 40 award for the fastest growing high-tech companies in New Mexico.
DWT dedicated significant resources to ensure the firm made the right choice for its technology partner," said Janice Nelson, IT Director of DWT.
Work resulting from the Phase II award builds upon the success of the Phase I award received May 2003, which proved the feasibility and superiority of employing a unique combination of leading-edge technologies developed by DWT to rank scientific and technical documents.
The site provides access to thousands of pages of otherwise difficult to find, authenticated information on everything from the "9-11 Final Report" to "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and DWT will continue to take suggestions on new documents, web sites, and "deep web" sources to be added to the portal.
Boose stated, "We also feel very fortunate that, just at the time Kay & Boose had decided to begin winding down its practice, our friends at DWT were looking to increase the size of their New York office, especially in the intellectual property and litigation areas.
AMEX: BHO) announced today that it had acquired a 1988-built, double-sided, 61,000 DWT Panamax product tanker to be renamed MT SACHEM.
With this addition, the company s fleet now consists of 40 vessels with a total DWT of 6 million, according to OSC press release.
3 million DWT to 8 million DWT, once the ordered vessels are delivered.