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MIDWIFE, med. jur. A woman who practices midwifery; a woman who pursues the business of an account.
     2. A midwife is required to perform the business she undertakes with proper skill, and if she be guilty of any mala praxis, (q.v.) she is liable to an action or an indictment for the misdemeanor. Vide Vin. Ab. Physician; Com. Dig. Physician; 8 East, R. 348; 2 Wils. R. 359; 4 C. & P. 398; S. C. 19 E. C. L. R. 440; 4 C. & P. 407, n. a; 1 Chit. Pr. 43; 2 Russ. Cr. 288.

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Roedden nhw'n bobl groesawgar tu hwnt, a'r gwr a'r wraig yn byrlymu siarad," meddai Dai.
By sharing in the common belief of developing a global technology company through growth of its proprietary intellectual property, DAI is set to change the paradigm of jobs creation within Korea alongside the Creative Economy initiative led by the Korean government.
As per Qin Yun, chairman of Xian Dai,"The alignment with Wilson Associates will strengthen our international footprint.
Mufaddal Saifuddin, however, is the third generation Dai from the same family, and shares his title with his grandfather Syedna Taher Saifuddin, the 51st Dai who died in 1965.
We are delighted to be teaming up with DAI," said HTSPE Executive Chairman David Timmins.
In 1975, the Echo reported that Dai had entered the World Gurning Championships, held annually at Egremont, Cumberland, three times.
Gross's lawyers say DAI is simply trying to evade its responsibility.
Dai joined the RAF in 2003 and has spent time in the UK, the Falkland Islands, Iraq, Cyprus and Afghanistan.
In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mirror, Sian, 27, reveals how Dai has hurdled setback after setback to chase his boyhood dream - i n - cluding epilepsy and a crippling knee condition.
Nos yfory, fe fydd Dai a Shn Cothi yn cyflwyno rhaglen yn dangos y paratoadau munud olaf a'r canu ym Moliant y Maes.
No matter what performance I could reach, I will go back to class and teet new challenges," Dai said.
Hong's commission was tasked with reviewing Dai's appeal of a decision in 2009, where a synod commission found Dai guilty of conduct unbecoming of a minster, and deposed him, stripping him of his status as a minister of word and sacrament in the Presbyterian Church.