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The reservation system has solidified Dalit identity among Hindus.
Having spent her life immersed in the world of art, fashion, and design, stylist Dalit Gwenna describes herself as "one the edgiest clothing stylists working today.
Sivakami's novel addresses a familiar theme in Dalit literature and politics--caste based violence.
We also acknowledge that CBD is a reality today resulting in routine social exclusion and discrimination; extreme vulnerability to violence; sexual abuse against Dalit women and children; trafficking; discrimination in schools and institutions of higher education; lack of access to disaster relief and mitigation measures; exclusion from markets, water sources and public services and public places; and reprisals when Dalits demand equality and justice.
com by searching for the video entitled, "I'm Dalit, how are you?
The tribunal declared that the 16 million Dalit Christians in India should get their full scheduled caste rights ("reservations," a form of affirmative action in education and job opportunities) enjoyed by their Dalit counterparts of other minority religions.
Drawing on primary research conducted in Bangalore between May 2001 and March 2002 with 25 dalit domestic workers from the KDWM, the paper analyses both the conditions and the nature of paid domestic work in Bangalore, as well as the articulations of injustice and the discourses employed by the domestic workers movement to deal with such injustice.
BR Ambedkar statue was vandalised in Meerut's Mawana late on Tuesday night and yesterday unidentified miscreants' poured paint on the bust of the Dalit icon in Tiruvottiyur, Chennai.
Likewise, Engineer Gianchand is the second Dalit to be elected as Senator in 2015 by the PPP on a general seat.
The youthful, mass mobiliser is now treading ground that Mayawati, four times chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and supreme leader of the Bahujan Samaj Party, has not been able to do, and which other established Dalit leaders, including Prakash Ambedkar, union ministers Ramdas Athawale and Ram Vilas Paswan, and lesser leaders such as Udit Raj, have not been able to accomplish.
However, Dalit groups were unconvinced by the government assurances and the Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh, a Dalit party headed by Prakash Ambedkar - the grandson of Dalit icon B.
Mayawati seems to have realised, after successive failures at the hustings, that she has to return to her core votebank - the Dalits - for her political survival and the live debate on the TV gave her the best opportunity to announce it to the world that she is ready for all sacrifice and emerge as the most credible spokesperson of Dalit issues," political analyst and former head of political science department of Lucknow University Ramesh Dixit says.