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Tarbela Dam reservoir 90 percent water comes from the glaciers those have started melting with the beginning of the summer and till October increased water inflow in the dam continues while rest of the water comes from flash flood and rain.
The government agency said that if 200 of the 4,500 hectares of the Magat Dam reservoir will be used for water-based solar power, 200 MW will be generated and 200 hectares of agricultural lands could be saved.
The Sungai Lebam Dam reservoir was crucial as it supplies 45 million litres of water daily to more than one million users in southern Johor and the authorities would also monitor the dams that supply water to Kluang and Mersing which were often affected by drought, he added.
MIRPUR -- The water in the country's biggest AJK-based Mangla Dam reservoir has declined to 1,104.05 feet on Sunday while the minimum operating level is 1,050 feet.
"The country's current dam reservoir capacity stands at 52 billion cubic meters," Haj-Rasouliha said, adding that, upon the completion of the 108 dams under construction, the capacity will reach 70 bcm.
ELAZIy[currency] (CyHAN)- A pike weighing 103 kg was caught by fishermen in Karakaya Dam reservoir located in eastern Turkish province of Elazyy- on Thursday.
He explained that Wadi Dhiqah dam in the Wilayat of Quriyat with a storage capacity works very well and as a precaution / the dam reservoir is open during this period to ensure that the gates are working, adding that these dams are designed to store water according to their capacities and that the ministry has allocated a special office for emergency to receive calls and notes from citizens and residents and to pay full attention to all calls and reports about the effect of weather on the flow of the municipal and water services and sent them directly to the relevant municipal area and to follow-up actions about them.
The police said he committed the offence on the A171 near Scaling Dam reservoir at around 6.20pm on Friday August 9 last year and said a number of vehicles passed him on the opposite side of the road.
Organisers said yesterday's protest was in response to the raising of the water in the Mangla Dam reservoir which they said had flooded many homes.
Unawareness of sedimentation status in dam reservoir and predicting no control measures will decrease dams' age which in turn will result in the waste of national capitals.
The farming project would use water pumped from Egypt's Aswan High Dam reservoir along a 50 km (30 mile) canal to irrigate reclaimed agricultural land at Toshka, 60 km from the Sudanese border.