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PD disclosed that 62 kilometer KKH would also be damaged by the Dasu Dam reservoir which would be constructed at the left bank of the river and on right side no road is available so we have also started a 12 kilometer road and two other parts including 42 KM and then 27 KM would also be commenced step by step.
When I got the opportunity near to Scaling Dam reservoir, I overtook him on a long straight stretch.
Pike was caught by fisherman in the 9th zone of the Karakaya Dam reservoir.
He explained that Wadi Dhiqah dam in the Wilayat of Quriyat with a storage capacity works very well and as a precaution / the dam reservoir is open during this period to ensure that the gates are working, adding that these dams are designed to store water according to their capacities and that the ministry has allocated a special office for emergency to receive calls and notes from citizens and residents and to pay full attention to all calls and reports about the effect of weather on the flow of the municipal and water services and sent them directly to the relevant municipal area and to follow-up actions about them.
The police said he committed the offence on the A171 near Scaling Dam reservoir at around 6.
Newton, from Whitby, Yorkshire, was filmed in his VW Golf on the A171 near Scaling Dam reservoir early on a Friday evening last August.
Organisers said yesterday's protest was in response to the raising of the water in the Mangla Dam reservoir which they said had flooded many homes.
Unawareness of sedimentation status in dam reservoir and predicting no control measures will decrease dams' age which in turn will result in the waste of national capitals.
The dam reservoir releases water in the dry season to ease droughts, particularly in downstream rice-growing areas.
The signing ends a dispute over a 100,000-feddan (104,000- acre) piece of land that is part of the Toshka agricultural development project, which is intended to use water diverted from the Aswan High Dam reservoir to irrigate land in Egypt's western desert.
The farming project would use water pumped from Egypt's Aswan High Dam reservoir along a 50 km (30 mile) canal to irrigate reclaimed agricultural land at Toshka, 60 km from the Sudanese border.
The land is part of a project to pump water from Egypt's Aswan High Dam reservoir and deliver it via a 50 kilometre (30 mile) canal to reclaimed farmland 60 km from the border with Sudan.