Damaged goods

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DAMAGED GOODS. In the language of the customs, are goods subject to duties, which have received some injury either in the voyage home, or while bonded in warehouses. See Abatement, merc. law.

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Additionally, if the recipient of the damaged goods does not give written notice of the damage sustained to the goods to the carrier or his/her representative at the unloading port before or during delivery of the damaged goods, the presumption will be that the goods have been delivered to him in the conditions set out in the bill of lading, unless evidence to the contrary is presented or if the damaged goods have been inspected at the time of delivery in presence of the acrrier or his representitive and the person taking delivery of the good.
He said: "I wrote the script, got the RSPCA on board to make it as realistic a portrayal as possible, we did auditions and Damaged Goods is the result.
A sale of the flood damaged goods, which are currently housed at the company's warehouse in Blaydon, will take place at the Metrocentre store on July 14.
Two men have been claiming they have top notch equipment on offer before giving punters damaged goods.
And make sure she knows you don't think of her as damaged goods.
The device is ideal for replacing broken pallets, switching to or from in-house/shipping pallets, transferring loads to slip sheets, and replacing damaged goods at the bottom of a load without manual restacking.
Even tough guys like me don't want to deal with damaged goods.
Whether the requirement is for switching pallet type, replacing a broken pallet or removing damaged goods, supplying a stainless steel unit for food or pharmaceutical use or a pile turner for use with sheet or board, the company offers a solution.
The floods also damaged goods and merchandise inside shops in Jahangira Market.
Officers at Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards are being advised to be careful of counterfeit, old and damaged goods at boot sales.
He was linked with a move to Real Madrid after dazzling in his first few months at the Premiership club but is now damaged goods.
GEORGE OSBORNE is not only damaged goods, but he has damaged even further the already creaking reputation of the political class in this country.