Damaged goods

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DAMAGED GOODS. In the language of the customs, are goods subject to duties, which have received some injury either in the voyage home, or while bonded in warehouses. See Abatement, merc. law.

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He said: "I wrote the script, got the RSPCA on board to make it as realistic a portrayal as possible, we did auditions and Damaged Goods is the result.
The reason is, to repeat the allegation, he is damaged goods.
The clearing up after floods and the manufacturing of replacement furniture and white goods after flood damage and the disposal of the flood damaged goods all add to the environmental damage.
And make sure she knows you don't think of her as damaged goods.
The floods also damaged goods and merchandise inside shops in Jahangira Market.
If in-flight duty-free shopping is scrapped, think of all the saved inventory costs,goods handling costs, damaged goods write-off , the administrative expenses of managing it, printing the duty-free magazine, etc, etc.
Both Statham and the nun are damaged goods, which probably explains why they are attracted to each other.
In the Christian and Islamic traditions, a divorcee is damaged goods, a broken vessel.
In addition to the final season of Queer as Folk (Sunday nights), the premium channel's June pride-lights include the documentaries Same Sex America (June 28), We Are Dad(June 19; see p, 158), and Damaged Goods (June 14), along with the 2004 award-winning original movie Jack (June 19) and the short film Shook (June 28).
The "Families First" program will include a number of improvements including full-replacement value for lost or damaged goods, best-value moves from our carriers and Web-based feedback from our customers.
Although syphilis and gonorrhea had periodically ravaged America throughout the 19th century, the subject was not addressed on stage or screen until 1913, when Eugene Brieux wrote a play called Damaged Goods.