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We do a lot of patches for the sheriff's departments and work on a lot of dance costumes.
Stacey gets herself in a rage with |Martin and rips Lily's dance costume
An exceptionally talented man, his dance experiences and girl for costume design have helped him to understand the practicality and movement needed in a dance costume.
Money from the Prince's Trust has helped a local woman start up her own dance costume business.
To the relief of the censors and dismay of some of her fans, in this drama, all the dance costumes Haifa wears are very conservative.
For belly dancers, you can not only find costumes but accessories to match these belly dance costumes too.
com)-- Belly Dance Costumes USA is a new online business started by Michelle Hayes in 2011.
It also carries a line of Egyptian belly dance costumes and supplies - a nod to Hula, who belly dances professionally.
Crowe, who has hired a drumming band to replace the cheerleaders, said research showed fans were uncomfortable going to games with girls on the sidelines dressed in skimpy green, red and white dance costumes.
Great opportunity to own this top of the line Adult Store/Sexy Boutique featuring adult dvd's sales, lotions, lingerie, novelties, dance costumes, toys, party gifts, etc.
Michelson and Jennifer Howard, in a succession of iconic dance costumes, performed their own little movement sequences, the choreographer herself resembling, of all people, Richard Move portraying Martha Graham.