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SUITE. Those persons, who by his authority, follow or attend an ambassador or other public minister.
     2. In general the suite of a minister are protected from arrest, and the inviolability of his person is communicated to those who form his suite. Vattel, lib. 4, c. 9, Sec. 120. See 1 Dall. 177; Baldw. 240; and Ambassador.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Nicola Benedetti: Wynton Marsalis Violin Concerto & Fiddle Dance Suite, out on Friday Shining a light on youth Nicola insists the Benedetti Foundation is a way of tying together the different strands of work she's been doing for a long time.
Bartok wrote the "Dance Suite" in 1923 to commemorate the joining of Buda and Pest 50 years earlier.
There may be the sassy, brassy dance suite Leonard Bernstein extracted from his late 50s Broadway show West Side Story (and incidentally still the best musical ever written).
The booklet note explains that the word "partita" has come to mean different things through the centuries, but that Harbison uses it in several ways, as a game, a playing with the music, and as a dance suite. The piece alternates sweet, lyrical passages, playful ones, and moody ones, ending on a fairly spirited note.
A dance suite, which is a medley of dances performed one after another in succession, provides performers with a broad expressive vocabulary.
Composer Julian Philips (left) has written a dance suite as part of a ballet score he is working on for the English National Ballet.
Producers laid on three bottles of champagne in the dance suite behind the house bathroom after a tug-of-war match between housemates.
Social Order and the Dance Suite in the Reign of Louis XIV." unpublished PhD thesis, University of New South Wales, 1992.
Pieces included in Gordon's programme for this lunchtime concert are the Dance Suite which was written for a concert at Huddersfield Town Hall in 1997 and Variations for Pedals Only written for the present organist of Liverpool Cathedral, Ian Tracey.
2, Wilder; Dance Suite, Valjean; Quintet for Winds, Harbison.
The Bartok is his 'Dance Suite', completed not long after the 'Four Orchestral Pieces'; Berg contributes his 'Seven Early Songs', which, although written early in the 1900s, were not heard in their orchestral scoring until 1928, only a few years before the composer's death (Sarah-Jane Brandon is the soprano soloist here); and the Bruckner is his magnificent Fourth Symphony, a wonderful evocation of lonely Alpine passes, wayside shrines, peasant revellings, and all the time a huge belief in the Almighty.