Dangers of the sea

DANGERS OF THE SEA, mar. law. This phrase is sometimes put in bills of lading, the master of the ship agreeing to deliver the goods therein mentioned to the consignee, who is named, the dangers of the sea excepted. Sometimes the phrase is "Perils of the Sea." (q.v.) See 1 Brock. R. 187.

References in classic literature ?
The desert has all the dangers of the sea, including the risk of being swallowed up, and added thereto are unendurable fatigues and privations.
Night had just spread her thick veil over the yellow waters of the Thames; they heard those noises of casks and pulleys, the preliminaries of preparing to sail which had so many times made the hearts of the musketeers beat when the dangers of the sea were the least of those they were going to face.
These measures include strong support to countries hosting the vast majority of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees, an information campaign informing of the dangers of the sea journey, and the development of legal pathways to seek protection in E number of sea arrivals this year has now passed the half-million mark with the arrival yesterday on the Aegean islands of nearly 8,000 people, bringing the total to some 502,500.
The initiative, supported by the Town Council is designed to draw people's attention to the dangers of the sea.
THE dangers of the sea have become all too apparent in recent years.
Searching for Mari's missing son, they confront the dangers of the sea (from lost drift nets to lightning storms) and readers learn how different life is for wild dolphins from those in captivity.
We always look forward to it because we get to go swimming and paddling in the sea and learn about the dangers of the sea and how to keep safe.
SOMBRE REMINDER OF DANGERS OF THE SEA THE 128th anniversary of Britain's worst lifeboat disaster, in which 27 lifeboat crewmen lost their lives off the Southport coast, has been commemorated.
Police are set to launch a safety campaign titled "Beaches without drowning" to educate people about the dangers of the sea and the risk of ignoring safety procedures.
The festive spirit of Eid Al-Fitr continued through the weekend with a huge turnout of families at Jeddah's waterfront as authorities intensified patrols and rescue operations to keep the crowds under control and to save holidaymakers from the dangers of the sea.
We would also like to remind people of the danger of the sea, and in particular we want to remind visitors to this area who are perhaps not used to the conditions and are unaware of the strength of the waves and the inherent dangers of the sea.
Pearl diving dhows and tools used by divers narrate the history of this trade in which these men braved the dangers of the sea to support their families.