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Authors are thankful to University Diagnostic Lab, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore (UVAS) for providing dart gun.
Jumbo accompanied me on the hunt as well, and we had a great time at the range while I was learning to shoot the dart gun.
We are the only authorised people who can use the dart gun.
Asked why they opted to go for the manual capture technique instead of a dart gun, Chuven explained that the use of dart gun would not be effective for the gazelle which is very agile, quick and evasive.
Personally, I favor the proposal put forth by the late great George Carlin: Give everyone a dart gun with those suction cup darts that they can shoot at offensive drivers.
He also had a radio transmitter contained within a rib and a steel-reinforced skull which made it impossible for him to be knocked out - plus a poison dart gun in one of his fingers.
On the other side of the fray, the four aliens are armed with a brainimplant dart gun that allows them to manipulate humans with a device that conveniently resembles a vidgame controller.
Some of the contraptions included the Lotus sports car that could travel underwater, a wrist dart gun and a mobile phone with a Taser-like weapon facility.
The hyena - now named Claydon after Ray and Julie - was sedated by Gerrie Camacho using a dart gun and then quickly moved to Paperbark, where analysis of his paw prints identified him as the calf killer," said Carol.
A pair of Rothschilds giraffes make contact JP070408-Park-62; Bob Lawrence ready to subdue a Barbary sheep with a dart gun JP070408-Park-54; African elephant Latabe gets a treat JP070408-Park-45; Feeding Bronze, a South African fur seal JP070408-Park-34; Bactrian camel mum Jess announces the arrival of her month-old Calf StOrm JP070408-Park-11; African elephants Latabe and Five take a walk in the park JP070408-Park-44; A huddle of hippos jpo7O4O8-Park-63; Black buck calf Bongo waits for his feed jpo7O4os-Park-49
medicine, especially shots, which are often given with a dart gun.
The staff later sought special permission to fire a dart gun to tranquilize the dog.