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Theobald added: "There have been major advances in biology over the last decade, with our ability to test Darwin's theory in a way never before possible.
The Origin of Species, which outlines Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, is now recognised as one of the most influential books of all time and one which transformed scientific and wider public thinking about natural life and man's place in the natural world.
Part of Darwin's theory or the return of the Messiah?
In a four-page letter to her constituents in western Kansas, board member Connie Morris blasted scientists who support evolution, writing, "In short, Darwin's theory of evolution is biologically, genetically, mathematically, chemically, metaphysically and etc.
The school will teach creationism as well as Darwin's theory of evolution, in the "appropriate lessons" and it would teach children about other religious faiths, he said.
Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection seems to describe a brutal world in which creatures compete ruthlessly to promote their own survival.
Though he could make some money off this venture, his attempt to turn Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection on its head is misguided and shallow - all style and no substance.
The Church had objected to Darwin's theory of the evolution of life because it implied that God had no part in creation.
17 (ANI): Darwin's theory of evolution is increasingly being rejected by Muslim students and academics in many countries, as they consider it to be anti-Islam, a conference has been told.
Darwin's theory that human beings descended from apes was attacked by bishops in the 1860s.