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n. slang for District Attorney. (See: District Attorney)

District Attorney (D.A.)

n. an elected official of a county or a designated district with the responsibility for prosecuting crimes. The duties include managing the prosecutor's office, investigating alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement, and filing criminal charges or bringing evidence before the Grand Jury that may lead to an indictment for a crime. In some states a District Attorney is officially entitled County Attorney or State's Attorney. United States Attorneys are also called Federal District Attorneys and are prosecutors for districts (there are several in larger states) within the Department of Justice, are appointed by the President and serve at his/her pleasure.

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abbreviation for DISTRICT ATTORNEY.
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The most common architecture of a monitoring system is composed of the following items: a data acquisition component, a database (stores information about the monitored equipment, the measured values of the monitored parameters and other information needed to run the monitoring system) and a data display component (has the role of displaying the information stored in the database, allows users to view the state of the monitoring system and also raises alarms if specific events have occured) (Jestratjew, 2009; Kirubashankar et al., 2009).
Instead of limiting itself to these new designs, FTSS upgraded its current inventory to accept integrated data acquisition systems.
By integrating commercial PC-based technologies and investing in innovative research and development, NI data acquisition prices continue to track industry trends while improving system performance, accuracy, and reliability.
Included with every RCP 1014 series board is the data acquisition package DataWin for Windows, which operates in either scope mode or chart-recorder mode.
To provide a dissemination capability to the Eagle Vision III and IV data acquisition segments were procured with fiscal year 2000 augmentation.
Test engineers have traditionally selected data acquisition hardware and software depending on the requirements of their data collection projects.
The course aimed to provide college students with the skills necessary to construct a simple model instrument, including the design and fabrication of electronic circuits and computer programming in a data acquisition (DAQ) language.
M2 PRESSWIRE-July 30, 2019-: Global Data Acquisition System Market Expected to Generate a Revenue of $2.74 Billion by 2026
Sample Report Access Source @ https://www.mrrse.com/sample/149 Supervisory control and data acquisition system primarily collects data from running industrial processes and utilize them to recognize any anomaly in the production process.
Three module options for the rugged SomatXR data-acquisition system include the MX840B-R Universal Module, developed especially for measurement tasks that require the use of multiple transducer types; the MX411B-R Highly Dynamic Module, suitable for highly dynamic acquisition and analysis of mechanical measurement quantities; and the MX471B-R CAN Module, designed for connecting the SomatXR data acquisition system to a CAN network.
By this, it can be processed by the data acquisition system in the best way.

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