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In the storage arena, VSANs provide highly secure environments for applications, together with encryption and standards-based host authentication to help ensure data confidentiality.
Manage security risks through data confidentiality and integrity.
The continued growth of the uses of the Internet and the development of Web applications foregrounds issues of computer security, especially in terms of data confidentiality, integrity and availability of related services.
This prestigious certification is reserved for products that meet ICSA Labs' demanding security standards for products implementing SSL-TLS for data confidentiality, authentication, and integrity assurance for internetwork transactions.
The new product provides a unified gateway solution that helps organisations of any size avoid data confidentiality breaches.
United States: On the whole, Washington has the same criticisms: the lack of dialogue, the problem of data confidentiality and cumbersome and costly procedures.
We find that data confidentiality protocols and small sample sizes limit the extent to which child well-being indicators can be estimated for rural children.
OmniRoot also provides simplified use and distribution of digital certificates, the unique credentials that support data integrity and data confidentiality services for on-line business-to-business transactions.
While there is an argument for complete openness of data from the Data Bank, there is also a good argument for the data confidentiality that currently is supposed to exist.
Enhanced information security to protect infrastructure and ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability
We are committed to our customers data confidentiality in all our operations, she said.
Top Layer said that the new features expand its position in the intrusion solutions market by protecting its clients from spyware and all the top e-mail viruses, providing protection directly within the IPS 5500 and allowing companies to fulfil new data confidentiality requirements.