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I would like to comment about the data fields since they are so important, and since so little effort appears to have been taken to explain them or why they were chosen.
With the new data fields, the car insurance quote generator asks the types of targeted questions that insurers themselves would ask prospective policyholders.
Project Excellence conducted a qualitative study that identified data fields that were most challenging for counselors, counselors' recommendations for improving the system, and on-going technical training needs of the counselors.
Navigation and the screen look have also been enhanced along with device storage for memory management and data fields that now include extra contacts and birthdates.
If you click on Address block or Greeting line, the standard Mail Merge Wizard opens to guide you in adding data fields (as shown in exhibit 7).
The expanded BPO data fields feature also provides brokers with more space to enter ancillary information that may be helpful to lenders and asset managers.