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According to industry analysts, more than eighty percent of data migration activities fail to hit time or budget targets--a statistic that has also changed very little over the past decade.
The answer is largely due to the fact that data migration is still not regarded as a valued skill and practice in its own right, but is treated as the final hurdle in a complex project--an afterthought once the functionality has been developed.
Administrators can use powerful policies in these devices for a range of data migration tasks such as moving data off legacy file servers to new NAS devices, balancing storage capacity, or performing software upgrades.
If you're a regular Techwatch reader however, you know that one of my mantras is "back it up" What this means is that those who perform regular backups might not find it necessary to purchase data migration tools because all of their data is stored on a drive--DVD, CD, etc, Sure, you'll still need to reinstall some programs, particularly if they didn't come with your new PC, but think of the time (and money) you save by performing regular automatic backups.
The INNOVATON FDRPAS solution is also available through IBM Global Services and IBM Business Partners whose specialists employ the FDRPAS data migration engine for non-disruptive z/900, z/800 and S/390 eServer new disk storage hardware installation and I/O load balancing.
17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SAP AG and Business Objects, an SAP company, today announced the availability of SAP(R) Data Migration services, enabling easier end-to-end data migration for customers by combining expert services from SAP with industry-leading information management software for data integration and data quality from Business Objects in a new turn-key offering.
Predictive Data Migration eliminates the need for a complicated and time-intensive RAID XOR drive rebuild altogether.
Due to the dramatic growth in data storage requirements, data migration has become a costly and mission critical event," explained Mike Hogan, General Manager, Imation Storage Professional Services (SPS).
For these reasons, ASCII is an often used data exchange, data migration, or data conversion format or standard.
BackOffice harmonized 35,000 customer records, resulting in continuous business improvement through data quality for Kraft Foods using their data migration solution and data governance tool, DataDialysis([R]).
a leading provider of enterprise-class storage virtualization and automated data migration software announced today the debut of its newest product family member, Incipient Automated Data Migration software.
ILM involves an assessment of the environment to determine what data and storage resources exist, organization and classification of resources based on business requirements, automated data migration and placement of data to the most appropriate storage asset based on the information's relative value to the organization.