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The Bluetooth(TM) data projector kit will be launched in the Japanese market on March 28 and then in the US, European market.
The data projector was a gift and because we don't have a receipt we won't be able to claim for it on the insurance.
Using the data projector, the computer lab instructor shows how the calculator program works and calls out a few practice problems for the students.
Casio has entered the data projector market with its two high-luminosity mobile projector models, the X3-350 and X3-450.
This year, the media center includes all Dell PCs and laptops and a 30-computer station with a ceiling-mounted video data projector.
Westgate Primary School has been given pounds 2,500 for an interactive whiteboard and data projector.
is an interactive white board that works with a computer and data projector.
A Sony data projector was stolen from a Mondeo at the Hilton Hotel, Stratford Road, Longbridge, near Warwick, and four cars were attacked at Chesford Grange Hotel, near Kenilworth.
Based on active-matrix LCD technology, the Mediashow data projector from Sayett produces computer images in 79,507 colors; when used with an optional video decoder, it will project 256,000 colors.
For those who do not need video capabilities, nVIEW has just introduced nSIGHT, a monochrome LCD-based data projector that utilizes passive-matrix, double supertwist technology to project 16 shades of grey; Mac, Apple II and DOS platforms are supported.