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Snapshots provide data protection from intrusion and data corruption but not from a failure on the device containing the source data copy.
Our partnership with CommVault, to seamlessly integrate Hitachi Data Protection Suite, complements our software suite of products and enables us to address the needs of the data protection market.
In short, data that is stored on tape is compromised in terms of the level of data protection and data availability.
Our goal in creating this new style of data protection software is to provide enterprises with the means they require to keep their business running.
Any replication solution or other data protection product that doesn't provide these features can leave remote data vulnerable to loss, corruption, or just not being available, resulting in lost time, money and productivity.
It complements and enhances the existing data protection infrastructure
Disk-based solutions in the Staging category include ATA arrays, Virtual Tape Libraries, Snapshot Technologies and Continuous Data Protection.

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