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The introduction of the VCIQ Data Store advances the site s value-packed offering even further.
In line with the growing importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the Atomic Data Store is the first product to provide direct access to the other 80 percent of business-critical information that can equal to tens or hundreds of terabytes (TBs).
OpenLAB Data Store with Lab Applications is focused on the essential tasks.
Point-in-time snapshots for rapid, granular, non-disruptive recovery of individual mailboxes and entire data stores
There are also localized I/O streams, although there are fewer of these than are present on the Data Store.
Fugro-Jason recently undertook an initiative to provide a unified data store across its extensive software suite.
9 opens new doors for energy companies that have been clamoring for mission-critical data store connectors, particularly PPDM and Petra," said Dan Piette, President and CEO of OpenSpirit.
a distributed data store that will be built upon existing infrastructures available at each of the suppliers.
com)-- New Texas-based Internet Company Data Store Solutions announced the launch of an online Data Storage Products e-store Datastoresolution.