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The Data Store follows a subscription-based service model, with requested information fields delivered routinely in a variety of formats.
OpenLAB Data Store with Lab Applications offers many advances for For lab managers who manage up to 15 Agilent chromatography and Agilent single quadrupole LC/MS systems.
Yet, for many enterprises, using tape to back up Exchange data stores will not go away anytime soon.
The Data Store (ASU-1) holds system-level data and represents the area where the server initially stores, for example, incoming mail messages or transactions.
Fugro-Jason has selected the Objectivity/DB(TM) platform to provide a unified data store across its extensive software suite integrating geological, geophysical, geostatistical, petrophysical and rock property and reservoir modeling and simulation information into a consistent model of the earth.
9 gives time-constrained asset team members broader, more efficient access to their upstream data through new Windows-based data store connectors and a network-driven super highway to all OpenSpirit-enabled data stores, regardless of operating system.