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64-bit JVM support for stored procedures and database triggers on all 64-bit platforms, including AIX64, Solaris64, Linux64, HP PA-RISC 64, and HP Itanium
Teradata has also enhanced the flexibility of using join indexes along with database triggers to further improve query performance, which is especially important for time-sensitive front-line workloads.
0 drivers, comprehensive support for database triggers and optimizer hints for more efficient query execution.
Torf was also responsible for creating the core SQL Server components, including SQL parser, query optimizer, query processor, virtual machine, stored-procedure manager, database triggers and several others.
New database integration capabilities that monitor and automate database processing with full support for database triggers, stored procedures, and SQL queries.
Java programmers can use SQLJ to speed the development of Enterprise JavaBeans, CORBA components, Servlets, stored procedures, functions, and database triggers.

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