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First, state dataveillance practices increasingly depend on data produced and stored by corporate entities and/or generated through quotidian uses of their products (applications, services, and devices).
144) See Froomkin, supra note 6, at 1470-72 (defining dataveillance and potential dangers).
Yet they have incorporated previous surveillance modalities, including their prejudicial beliefs and invasive techniques, and merged them with dataveillance capabilities that amplify the potential for civil liberties violations and personal harm.
Our failures also seem to arise when these sorts of dataveillance techniques are used ineffectively.
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For example, while dataveillance is the norm on the Net, cybersavvy privacy hawks have their ways of evading it.
Keywords: bordering, iBorder, biometrics, dataveillance, predictive analytics, biopolitics, bodies, patterns of life
First, the citizen as the subject of and subject to dataveillance.
There are important distinctions to be made between the information gathering of state-sponsored security regimes and site-specific CCTV systems, the dataveillance techniques of the online economy, and content provided by users, for a variety of reasons, on sites such as Facebook.
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Sophisticated monitoring devices - dubbed dataveillance - were able to log every aspect of an individual person's working day which formed part of their performance-related pay deal GMB bosses have now lodged a formal complaint with the venture capital-owned company, alleging the regime is causing staff undue stress.