DATION, civil law, contracts. The act of giving something. It differs from donation, which is a gift; dation, on the contrary, is giving something without any liberality; as, the giving of an office.
     2. Dation in payment, datio in solutionem, which was the giving one thing in payment of another which was due, corresponds nearly to the accord and satisfaction of the common law.

References in classic literature ?
High in a treetop he stopped, and, poking his head cautiously from behind a branch, looked down with an air of trepi- dation.
I wanted to help raise vital funds for the British Heart Foun dation so it can continue its research into heart failure, while supporting the racecourse in what always promises to be a fantastic event.
Magician Alan Duncan, who claims he is still owed PS3200 from 2012, said: "If the old club are TURN TO PAGE 7 nto l i qui dation.
When the student village plans were first unveiled Prof Kelvin everest, the university's pro-vice-chancellor for student experience, said: "We know that there is increasing demand for accommo dation on our city cam pus.
With liqu dation looming, Boro camwithin 37 mi utes of goi under.
MaMany MaMa any ony of usof us Many o w nt our partners to want our partners to rtners toalthy change their unhealthy o chan h i unhe lth habits, according to new habit , acco ding to n w ing r h f th B i i h from t He F dati und dation.
Gorgeous "Ryanair's gorgeous cabin crew are pleased to once again strip-off for charity and this year they have selected TVN Foun dation, which helps a range of causes across Poland," said head of communications Stephen McNamara.
The present owners have added their own improvements, taking care that any reclaimed materials used are sympathetic to the age and prestige of the uilding, with a former church pulpit used to make kitchen cupboards and the double doors- dation into the tower taken from a French convent.
Saudi Arabia also played a vital role in building the foun- dation for the Arab geological and min- ing sector that was realized through im- plementing the Geological and Mining Map for the Arab world.
Even so, with year-to-year sales of distilled spirits rising by between 4 percent and 7 percent for the past decade, Palke said it appeared unlikely that other government programs would see reductions as a result of the governor's recommen- dation.
Fordham Foun dation, the biggest concern about IAPs is that they'll slowly morph into a tracking system, where kids having trouble meeting standards won't be given extra resources to catch up, but will be moved into a less rigorous set of courses instead.