DATION, civil law, contracts. The act of giving something. It differs from donation, which is a gift; dation, on the contrary, is giving something without any liberality; as, the giving of an office.
     2. Dation in payment, datio in solutionem, which was the giving one thing in payment of another which was due, corresponds nearly to the accord and satisfaction of the common law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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High in a treetop he stopped, and, poking his head cautiously from behind a branch, looked down with an air of trepi- dation.
Why, he had all the earmarks of a typewriter copyist, if you leave out the disposition to contribute uninvited emen- dations of your grammar and punctuation.
For now, Gaspan said they are investigating the background of Dation, a resident of Purok 9, Brgy 76-A Bucana.
Working with the Community Foun dation Tyne & Wear and Northumber land and ChronicleLive, grants have been awarded to continue the support for vital community work.
"We had a couple more we used to decide was 'it': 'Ip dip dation, corporation, how many pigs went to the station,' was one of them.
In addition, the agency has also won PR accounts for Brazilian foot- wear brand Havaianas and Middle Eastern beachwear retailer Hamac, alongside social media accounts for the UAE charity Big Heart Foun- dation and perfume brand Ajmal.
It is understood the offences between January and September 2014 netted food and accommo dation worth almost PS2,800 at hotels in Kidderminster and Leamington Spa.
Departing March 6, the holiday is priced from PS587pp, including return flights with Ryanair from London Stansted and accommo dation on BB basis in Villalba.
Magician Alan Duncan, who claims he is still owed PS3200 from 2012, said: "If the old club are TURN TO PAGE 7 nto l i qui dation.
When the student village plans were first unveiled Prof Kelvin everest, the university's pro-vice-chancellor for student experience, said: "We know that there is increasing demand for accommo dation on our city cam pus.
With liqu dation looming, Boro camwithin 37 mi utes of goi under.