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DATIVE. That which may be given or disposed of at will and pleasure. It sometimes means that which is not cast upon the party by the law, or by a testator, but which is given by the magistrate; in this sense it is that tutorship is dative, when the tutor is appointed by the magistrate. Lec. Elem. Sec. 239; Civ. Code of L. art. 288, 1671.

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Nikolaeva claims that "Western dialects quite easily allow the agent-like argument to be expressed by a locative or dative noun in some grammatical constructions, such as passives and causative [--].
It makes little difference whether we take the dative [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (by nature) with the phrase before it (Gentiles who by nature do not have the law) or with the phrase after it (by nature do what the law requires), although the latter is more likely (see Appendix 1).
This view is supported by the fact that the only other recorded use of bainein with the dative icnesi, and again without en, is in Strattis, the fifth-century Attic comic poet: penthkonta podwn icnesi bainete ('go in the tracks of fifty feet'), where the locative use is beyond question.
n WHERE there is no will an Executor Dative is appointed, normally the nearest relative and in this case your sister.
The Greek dative singular (of the feminine type three noun) is Phullidi, so Shakespeare is not being linguistically accurate.
In Skane, Ahus means house by the river and in its dative plural form gives Ahusum in Yorkshire, later becoming Ayresome.
In the next line, Borders proposes an unnecessary correction of the Latin text (natoque to natique), wrongly reads the genitive patris as dative to agree with his emendation, and finally fails to recognize a reference to medieval Trinitarian theology that regarded the person of the Holy Spirit (qui es summus amor) as the perfect expression of the love of the Father and the Son.
Where there can't be agreement over how to break up a small estate, the only option is to appoint an executor dative.
In the second homily, however, the erroneous but repeated use of the dative plural, which Dr Irvine attributes to scribal errors, could result rather from the increasing twelfth-century indifference to the grammatical role of inflections (pp.
The dative use of the--signifies the general purpose of the contact, (31) and the construct represents the personhood of the object being contacted.
The case functionally closest to the dative is the allative.
The topics include the conjugation prefixes, the dative case, and the empathy hierarchy in Sumerian; some case problems in Ugaritic; grammatical roles of agent, subject, patient, and beneficiary in Hurrian; early Canaanite and Old Aramaic case in the light of language typology; allative in Indo-European; the problem of the ergative case in Hittite; and case markings of core arguments and alignment in Late Latin.